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Maester Ang


Ang is the collective staff memory of KG. Simply chant the magic words: “Hey, next year we should . . .” and she will appear, little black book in hand, to scribble down cryptic notes about your latest brain wave, then vanish in a twinkling. She can often be glimpsed from afar, roaming the grounds on mysterious errands and muttering to herself. If you wish to capture this elusive creature, simply announce loudly that you have some tasty moose jerky that really needs eating. When she’s not on her annual pilgrimage to the Knoll, she retreats to her natural habitat in Western Canada, where she wanders the forests with a small tribe of wise-cracking Wiccans.



Keeping you warm and bright since 2000, the Salamander is usually spotted at night. During the day he re-charges with naps, swims, and books. Your safety around the fire is very important to the Salamander, feel free to mention and concerns to him, or just to say hi.



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Hi Everyone

I'm Ron and I'm a Monkey 🙂

So who am I...good question, and this really isn't the forum to get philosophical 😉 Instead let me just say that I've been coming to KG and its previous incarnations for a very long time....long enough to say I used to have a great head of hair 🙂 ...or at least hair on my head.

After a while I wanted to give back to this wonderful community that had welcomed me and I was offered an opportunity to help give back and hence I joined....or maybe that was dragooned... the monkeys. It really given me a wonderful opportunity to meet the folk, and what wonderful folk you are.

If you're ever looking for someone to chat with or need any help, just look for me around the knoll, you'll usually find me up first thing in the morning....usually at a rather ungodly hour...lol

Look forward to seeing everyone soon.



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BeefCastleBasil; A.K.A. BardBasil; A.K.A. BasilBragi'sBro; A.K.A. The Fresh Prince of Valhalla; A.K.A. Lil' Baby Lindwurm; A.K.A. Bazzy Bone; A.K.A. BogsideBasil; A.K.A. YoungBattledragon; A.K.A. The Guy Who Used to Have the Long Hair and Beard But Doesn't Have Long Hair and A Beard Anymore; A.K.A. MC Ber$erkin Ba$il; A.K.A. ThemAKA's4Days; B.K.A. Basil...is a fine emcee who hosts multiple bardic circles throughout various events and will happily provide you with top notch first aid medical care. Ask him when his album is coming out.



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GreyCat managed to attend one Kaleidoscope Gathering at Bob's land, almost all of the KGs at Whispering Pines, and all but one KG at Raven's Knoll.

He got 'voluntold' to FireKeep at WP, and has kept at it for 10+ years, 4 at WP, & 6 more at RK. He also volunteers as Security and/or FireKeeper at Witches Sabbat, FireKeeper at Primordial Fire during Anticifest and FireKeeper at KornuKopia Gathering.

Generally willing to give FireHugs while working the fire and normal hugs at other times, if you ask nicely. Also willing to give small groups guided tours of most of the RK shrines, if you bring your own offerings. Namaste!



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Brendan Roche is master of all things technical, mechanical or disgusting at Raven’s Knoll. He is the main Groundskeeper, living year-round at the property and keeping everything in order and running. He makes sure everyone in the surrounding area is connected to cyberspace for Bonnechere Communications. He has been a dedicated maintenance volunteer behind the scenes at many Pagan events, in particular the Kaleidoscope Gathering, where he has the dubious honour of being the longest surviving staff member, with over 25 years. He is also MA’s personal IT guy.



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Austin, known as “Auz,” is one of the Stewards of Raven’s Knoll. Auz has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, which has lead to a full-time career that he does alongside the “hobby” of running Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering with his wife, Maryanne Pearce. Austin is a Heathen who has been an oathed goði since 2008. Auz is interested in all things Old Norse. Auz is also a former Stag King of the Kaleidoscope Gathering. He is the host of the YouTube channel Heathen Hearth, where he joins his love of history, cooking, fusion and Instant Pots through exploration of recipes inspired by the historic and ethnographic imagination.



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Since the opening of Raven’s Knoll Myst has welcomed the opportunity to help make Raven's Knoll barrier-free; that no matter the mobility, all should be able to enjoy the warmth, energy, and freedom of this amazing place and the people in attendance. This has led to her considering The Knoll a second home! She follows an eclectic Pagan path, though a Witch at heart, she welcomes the opportunity to learn about all Pagan paths, as well as honoring her Native Ancestors and Guides. Myst acts as MA’s “2IC” for administration and registration. She is known for doing “Rolling Registration” (wheelchair joke).



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I am an A.S.S., don;t what that means? Ask me sometime. I tell the odd story as ChuckChuck. I help folk out when I can. I put together some websites. I have terrible balance, use a staff to keep from falling, and like quiet dark spaces. At camp I pretend to be social, but I am really really not and camping season accounts for 90% of my social requirement for the YEAR! Looking forward to seeing folk at camp. Travel Safely.

The Pirate


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"There is no me. I do not exist. There used to be a me... but I had it surgically removed."
~Peter Sellers



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I’m kira, a younger staff member and life long attendee of kg. I can’t answer a lot of questions, but I can point you to who can! I volunteer my time because I think there’s a lovely community that deserves a nice place.



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Maryanne, also known as “MA,” is one of the Stewards of Raven’s Knoll. Maryanne has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, and a background in Women’s Studies. In 2013 she finished a doctorate in law, with a focus on missing and murdered women in Canada. She has a full-time career, as well as running Raven’s Knoll and the Kaleidoscope Gathering with her husband, Austin Lawrence. Maryanne is of Mohawk and Celtic ancestry, whose spirituality is grounded in the Mother Earth. Maryanne does the taxes for clients of women’s shelters in Ottawa and does animal rescue when she can. To animals and children, she is known as “Auntie M.” For any of the registration, administration or general boring stuff, it is Maryanne who will answer your questions.



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Kevin, aka Lugh Sulian, is a year-round Groundskeeper at Raven’s Knoll, helping Brendan keep the property mowed, things built and fixed. As he is both thin and without phobias, Kevin is generally the person asked to climb high things, climb under things and deal with mice. He climbs high things and installs IT equipment for Bonnechere Communications.



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Hey everyone my Name is Yves, I'm a retired member of the Canadian Forces and I currently work as an Addictions Counsellor within Renfrew County, Ontario. You will all know me as you watch me driving around on Duchess (The Big Red Tractor) yelling out "Bring Out Your Dead".. Yes I am the KG garbage man, lol. I love what I do and keeping the land clean is my way of giving back to the community. If you see me wandering around don't hesitate to come up and strike up a conversation, I love to talk about anything. I also love drumming and generally play hand drums. I look forward to seeing and meeting and chatting with everyone.



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KG 2018 will be my 5th KG and my first year on staff. I'm looking forward to feeding all of the smiling faces that show up to The YAG. If I'm not in The YAG, I'm out and about somewhere or at my big giant tent on the corner of Hyperspace and Bogside cooking something for myself and my son, Mason; stop by for a chat. If you haven't gathered yet, I'm a bit of a food nerd and I would be more than happy to chat about all things food. At night I can usually be found around the fire in the drumming pit, sipping a frosty beverage or two. Also, I'm a great hugger, so, if you need one (or two), just ask! I hope to see you around our HOME.



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Gwendolen Harman considers herself a Pagan-Unitarian-Christian. Gwen has a deeply spiritual sense of community and loves nurturing the people she finds there. She has studied energy work since 1998. She’s been coming to the Kaleidoscope Gathering since 2005, lured by friends Rick and Isabeau from the Unitarian Church. An old hand at volunteerism, she still volunteers at the church, teaching sexuality education to 7 – 19 year olds with the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program.
Since 2005 she has been helping staff at every kaleidoscope that she attended. She became Staff in 2013 at the YAG. While working with Staff she saw the need for a way that anybody could help and created the volunteer program in 2016.



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"By the folk, for the folk."

It's been my motto for over a decade in the Heathen and larger public pagan community. One must take the time and make the effort to self-evolve through the hard truths of self-awareness to be able to attain a whole body/soul/mind awareness and contribute those virtues, actions and deeds back to the collective community. Whether raising god-poles on the land of Raven's Knoll, or raising a future generation of Heathens, I strive to be mindful of perspective and experience in order to maintain frith by actions and deeds. Volunteering for Kaleidoscope Gathering is, to me, a duty of care to provide a resource, or even just an ear, for those new or experienced, through their own life journey.

When not surrounded by guinea pigs, you'll find me volunteering on staff at KG with coffee in hand, giving the eyebrow to the folk to hydrate...and will be at Registration or as a tertiary pet medic this year.

With much love, your friendly neighbourhood Purple Dragon.



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Known as the feather lady at my first KG festival. I installed hair feathers as a vendor. I fell in love with the RK and KG community and felt inspired by my first years experiences. These experiences birthed PrimalForged my full time gig now. Vending and creativity are two of my passions and I love to encourage others to show the world their creative side. I volunteer as Vendor Coordinator because vendors are an important part to the KG festival experience and community. My goal is to fascilitate vendors with an amazing vendor experience at KG and to provide new opportunities to make our marketplace a happy, fun, successful endeavor.
I am a full-time Mother, wife to TomyHawK who is a full time firefighter and I am an entrepreneur. My family came to this area to run a campground in Algonquin Park for many years.
If I am not in the market place or at the drumming fire you can find me at The Forge. So please feel free to drop by and chill with me if you can. If you are interested in vending or have questions don't hesitate to come and speak with me. Vending is an amazing experience!



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Melissa is an Ottawa based Kitchen Witch and pastry Chef in training. A regular voulnteer for about 6 years, she found the Knoll through friends and make herself at home by helping cook at the YAG. She can normally be found with flour in her hair, tempting people with trays of sweets while wandering around Bogside. A passionate history buff she can talk for hours about religion, food and folklore, all of which she tries to bring into her craft. She is also a devotee of Bastet and a self proclaimed cat mom. She has the distinct and rare ability to speak and understand Troll as she is married to Kai.

coco loco


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This will be my second year working as a cook in the YAG - look for me there in the mornings. In the evenings I'll be chasing down my wild raven child to put her to bed in Dragon Camp. I love all fires, but the main fire pit is a special treat 🙂



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This troll (first year on staff, but 6 years at KG) also works at the National Research Council doing stuff you don't understand with electrons. Just 16 years old with 47 years subsequent experience... Seriously playful geek with the best collection of skirts and dresses. Swing dances often in Ottawa, dances and dances around the nightly bonfires at KG. Play on our collection of hanging bowls when at KG.

amy or amalyn


amy first discovered Kaleidoscope Gathering in 2012, and immediately was enchanted by the sense of community and that she was not alone. She is an artist who works with various mediums, including road kill, large format photography, printmaking, and electronics, and her passions include respect for the land, conservation, proper recycling, reading more books than are healthy, and mead-making.

Commonly found lurking in the background or drumming at night, this is her first year as staff, where she is serving as a Troll.



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Christina's first festival she attended was the Kaleidoscope Gathering in 2010 at Raven's Knoll, where an instant connection connection was made to the land. Later she volunteered at the Rabbit Hole (registration) in 2011 KG, then work weekends and at Ye Aulde Grubbe Food truck (aka Yag) since 2014. She can be seen behind the scenes helping out preparing the land and Yag for events. Coining the phrase Knollteer! 🙂



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