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Ja is inspired by general bard-ishness, troubador-like tendencies and his own carefully thought-out beliefs in creativity, inspiration, art, story, poetry, music, beauty, love, connection and good times. In his non-fest (ie “pants ON”) life, he creates music and other performance, sound design, audio engineering/production, event production and odd/oddly beautiful artistic ventures from the traditional to the technological. At fest, he helps to welcome everyone with the Reg Bunnies.

So, You Think You Can't Sing (But Really, You Can) - Singing for Non-Singers

This workshop is aimed directly at those of us who think that we can't sing, or have had someone tell us that we couldn't. If you can talk, you can sing, and if you want to sing, then we want you. First we will allow ourselves a safe space in which to work. Then we'll do some simple listening exercises to get our ears working in helpful ways. Then we will let ourselves sing, slowly, gently, taking as long as we need to, to explore what it means to sing with the voices we have been blessed.

Vocal Improvisation and Exploration

This workshop with look at spontaneous creation of music, soundscapes and other possibilities through exploration of the elements and possibilities of our voices. The emphasis is on improvising with our voices in the moment, making it all up both freely and within structures. We will do warmups to release tension and free our voices, then explore different textures and concepts using the voice, including exploration of vocal percussion. Using improvised voice during ritual will also be explored.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say: A Poetry-Writing Workshop

This is a friendly workshop open to anyone who wants to play and craft with words and meaning. We’ll do some timed writing exercises designed to open up our creativity and get us saying the things we need to say. Participants may read their work to the group or keep it private. Participants will walk away with a few pieces and exercises you can try at home. Please bring paper and writing utensils if you have them, though we will have some on hand.


I've been told that I am able to create calm within the chaos (I might be laughing hysterically at that one) but I do agree that I am a giver and a healer. I'd like to think it's my humor, big heart and love of people that stands out before I do.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (Healing Chant)

Come and learn a little bit about the Mala (bring them if you have them!) before we set our intentions and chant 108 times together. You really don't need any experience and will catch on quickly. Briefly learn the meaning behind the words and the reason behind the numbers. *I offered this at Shield and Bow and it was truly magical* The meditation will be offered twice, with a morning and an evening session.

Make Your Own Fairy House (For parents and children)

Build a flower pot fairy house. Hot clue guns and adhesives will be used. Parents MUST accompany children. We will be using glass beads, pine cones, popsicle sticks, and paint. Feel free to bring things you may find on the forest floor or of interest, and remember to be kind to our Forest Friends in the process. If time runs out and your house isn't finished you will still be able to bring supplies home or finish up during your stay at KG. 10 spots (sign up at Reg), $10 cost

Stephanie Berghello-Dotto

I’ve been attending KG since my late teens but this is the first year attending as a mom. I love board games, drag queens and crafting. Looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Parent and Baby Meetup
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Free Coffee! Come for a relaxing play date and meet your kids future fest buddies! Older kids welcome! We will stick out a blanket and toys for the babies to play while the parents get some caffeine and conversation. Bring your own mug.

KG Festival Choir

KG Festival Choir

The tradition continues... We started this choir in 2015 and are working hard to make sure the songs keep being sung. The idea is that participants will meet in the evening on each of the 5 days of the festival (Wednesday through to Sunday) to warm up and stretch our voices, to create, arrange and learn a few pagan-oriented songs and arrangements and to practice and rehearse these arrangements. The goal is to perform these pieces in public later on during the festival.

Mother of Pirates

Campfire Singalong
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

"Come from the forest and sit ’round the fire." The evening campfire sing-a-long has become an annual tradition that grows in popularity every year. Share a song or request a song. Everyone is welcome to join in. Pagan chants, sea shanties, traditional folk songs, old favourites from Girl Guide camp. You name it, we’ll try to sing it. Professional voices not necessary. Song-books, enthusiasm, instruments and marshmallows welcome.

B-Side Bardic
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Wanted to sign up for Bardic but didn't get on the list in time? Wanted to present, but just too nervous to stand in front of that many people? This old-school bardic is a low-key, no pressure opportunity for you to share your talent. No sign-up lists, no judges, no competition, no winners. We'll go around the circle and anyone can stand up to sing a song, tell a story, play an instrument, do a trick... whatever you want to share.

KG YANA and Chosen Elders

Jounrey of the YANA

The path towards identity is not always linear. For those with gender-diverse experiences, our journey can be difficult, lonely and confusing. YANA aspires to light the way, to bring companionship and joy to those who have walked a less common path. During this ritual event, the Journey Folk will come together and a new YANA chosen through games, craft and valour. Let’s celebrate how far we’ve all come, recognize our strengths, heal from our difficult journeys, and forge new beginnings.

Wayne Leblanc

I have been teaching outdoor skills for the last 27 years. Most recently I ran the Mountain and Arctic Operations programs for the Canadian Armed Forces. I have taught survival in both the sub and high arctic of Canada.

Introduction to Wilderness Survival

This workshop is free for those interested in a brief introduction to wilderness survival. Participants should arrive with a sharp fixed blade knife. Workshop will cover basic shelter, water, fire lighting with a flint rod and food procurement.


Five-year fester, first time presenter, this artistic, soulful, political, introverted woman new to motherhood seeks an opportunity to build community and have a meeting of the minds with like-minded individuals.

Gathering of the Turtles

Calling all Turtle Clan! Yes, you heard that right. Have you always had an affinity for or spiritual relationship with turtle? Meet others who also identify and hopefully form some new friendships with like-minded folks. What does turtle symbolize for you? What lies ahead for us? Share your favourite turtle memento. Perhaps a small craft will be offered if there is interest.

Alli Keeley, Brinnja, JS

Vé Under the Stars

Come for a visit at the Vé after the sun is down to visit the house of the gods. Who knows, maybe you'll have an interesting encounter.


Ember, a fairly new Raven's Knoll events attendee and Sister of the Hunt, has had a childhood of martial arts studies. While she ultimately enjoys staying out of sticky situations, she can call on her inner warrior tools to evade and escape them when needed - and would like to invite you to find that same warrior within yourself.

Basic Self Defence Tools and Tips

Spend some time with me getting in touch with your inner warrior as we go over some basic self defense techniques you may find useful in sticky situations! First we will go over some non-physical tips you can tap into to help you avoid confrontations, then we will move into some simple physical defence maneuvers to call upon if you need to escape or end altercations quickly. After all, just because you're unarmed should not mean you are defenceless.


Pitch & Bitch

A round table discussion on fermentation, brewing, and distillation. Please feel free to bring a sample of something to share with the group and bring a vessel for yourself.

Communication to Build Community

Come together, openly discuss and foster networking to learn what others do to build our own communities. Bring your tricks and chat with others who want to reconnect with others in a society that wants to divide us.

Lorena and Rasa

Lorena is a queer feminist curvy-bodied Italian witch who facilitates “Absolutely Not Yoga” classes in Montreal, including a weekly class that is naked. Check out her work at: lorenalombardi.com.
Rasa is a reclaiming and kitchen witch, a tarot reader, and a teacher. Her craft is about sanctifying the mundane, reconnecting with the wild, transforming self and society, and cultivating receptivity and peace. Her current home is Montreal, but her roots are in Alberta.

Ritual au Naturel : A Liberation and Celebration of Sacred Nudity (part 1)

Shedding clothes can be a way of getting closer to nature, practicing vulnerability, discarding our mundane personas, subverting cultural norms, and raising body awareness and acceptance. Skyclad ritual can be transformative and healing, but many hesitate to bare their bodies. How do we create spaces where people feel safe when they’re vulnerable, despite the prevalence of objectification and harassment. Come clothed for a discussion about being skyclad in pagan and ritual spaces.

Ritual au Naturel : A Liberation and Celebration of Sacred Nudity (part 2)

This skyclad ritual is only open to those who attended the workshop of the same name. Let’s get comfortable with being in our bodies, as they are, despite our perceived flaws. Let’s affirm and celebrate ALL bodies, regardless of gender, ability, age, and size. We'll do a meditative walk to a private space in which we discard our outer layers. Let’s create a safe space to celebrate sacred nudity together! All gender identities and body types welcome.


This is Janel's first-ever KG workshop! You can usually find her napping on the divan under the sun and trees, making friends at the Elvii or dancing around the fire at 3 am. She believes that small kindnesses can make every difference in the direction of a person's life and is excited to help share and spread ways those small kindnesses can be delivered. While awkward and shy, every year Janel gets a little braver thanks to the wonderful humans that share this space.

Random Acts of Kindness

This workshop has both talk / components. We will discuss what forms random acts of kindness might take, and how people - in any situation, in any walk of life - can benefit from both giving and receiving these kindness. We will share and inspire others with acts we have done previously. Then we will make and decorate Mercury Mail to start the process of giving, using supplies provided. Mercury Mail will be delivered to recipients later in the day.

Danica, Gwynne, Len and Lou

The Pattern, the HeartForge, and the Yoke

So we're doing a THING to help out FireKeepers - a metaphysical plumbing job/sound check/putting together invisible Ikea furniture. Participants please bring tobacco and offering plates of food for those buried in the pit/ancestors in general/land spirits/grandfather stones; bells of all sorts; and coloured sand/corn meal/coloured flour for the mandala that we will draw inside the stone ring.

Marie and Rick

With over 20 years in the Ottawa Pagan Community, Marie brings a creative approach to living a magical life. Marie is one of several instructors with the Ottawa Pagan Schola Hermetic Academy. Marie co-teaches the Grounding, Centering and Shielding Workshop with her spouse, Rick, and we have a son, Alex, to whom these workshops are dedicated. He taught Marie how to find the light - after all, he gifted her with his.

Grounding, Centering & Shielding: Beginners

A basic energy working workshop highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to stay grounded and how to shield themselves as they learn to work with moving and perceiving energy. Especially useful while at a festival where energies are high. Work on your basic 'kenning' skills and have fun!

Mindset, Magic, Manifestation

"I create my day." ~Dr. Joe Dispenza. What does that mean? In this workshop, we'll discuss how your mindset creates your reality, and how you can create a new way of BEing in the world simply by changing how you think about your reality and what you create. From there, we'll move to discuss manifesting and how the magic of thought and belief can bring certain things into your life, and how I attracted everything I have today.

Science and the Craft: The Overlap of Science and the Mystical Arts

Physics, Psychology, Alchemy, the great Mysteries, and the "chicken and the egg" argument: which came first, people or their gods? This workshop aims to open a conversation about the cross-play between making magic, the gods, and what science tells us. Where do they overlap, and where do they play with each other. On some level, taking some of the mystic out of mysticism. For some, this may help bring spirituality to a relatable level of reality.


Oh make some stupid stuff up...you know you want to Kieran...

Werewolf Game
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly werewolves...can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone? Come join us for a game of Werewolf (or many) and see how long YOU can survive. Each player has an agenda: as a villager, hunt down the werewolves; as a werewolf, convince the other villagers that you're innocent, while secretly dining on those same villagers each night. Bring a chair.

'Cookie' Alex

"Cookie" Alex was honored to be chosen as the first YANA Champion during the 2018 Journey of the Yana. Cookie has been an enthusiastic volunteer at work weekends since the opening of Raven's Knoll. They take a personal, 1 on 1 approach to educating about and supporting folks in their communities with regards to trans issues and mental health. Cookie likes to bring joy and mirth wherever they go. They are a creative person who loves to cook, draw, play piano, and mess around with many crafts.

Community Swim for Trans, Genderqueer and Gender Diverse Folks
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Join Alex T and friends for a fun beach party at the cauldron! This swim is for trans, genderqueer and gender diverse folks. Please respect the privacy of attendees. Bring your floaty things, frisbees, beach balls and cold drinks for a celebration! Participants are welcome to bring a friend or two, keeping in mind the spirit of the event. The swim is clothing optional but also clothing friendly so wear what makes you comfortable.

Tea with the YANA

Come have tea with Cookie Alex, Kaliedoscope’s first YANA! Learn about how the YANA came to be, how the YANA shrine celebrates the human spirit, and what to expect at the Journey of the YANA event. Chat with Cookie Alex, ask questions and hear about their personal experiences as the YANA. Bring non-alcoholic drinks and snack if you like.

TomyHawK & TristanHawK

We like to drum on things......

Drumming Intro and Jam Session

Join us for an intro in drumming skills and building confidence jamming with others.
Bring a drum to The Forge and lets jam together!

Halfling Beats
Children's Program

Munchkinland participants will be offered an opportunity to learn basic drumming skills and percussion instruments. If your child has a drum or instrument they can bring along with them, great! We will have some extras available.


Hi,my name is Dana and some of you met me last year and I hope to see you soon as well. I am looking forward to meet all new members of our Cosmic Star Family. I am a certified yoga instructor with specialization in PTSD and Brain Injuries, and I have been teaching yoga for few years now. If you feel tired, sad or you need to RECHARGE your energies, come find me for extra special warm healing time and hugs!

Dana's Yoga for Warriors

Come to re-connect with your body, mind and spirit through the ancient art of yoga. Release all stress and allow your self to experience now. Come to experience the benefits of meditation to heal, reactivate your DNA, and reconnect to your higher self, to the God/Goddess that you all are within. For all levels of students. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat or blanket, and pillow. Please be aware that essential oils will be used.

Dana's Yoga for Warriors & Meditation for Trauma

Morning yoga for all levels of students in a safe, non-judgmental and non-competitive environment where there is no wrong or right, but all about YOUR experience through the process of reconnecting with your body, mind and spirit back again and allowing yourself to stay in the now. For all levels of students. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat or blanket, and pillow. Please be aware that essential oils will be used.

Stern Paul & Firekeeper Zippo

For the third year leading Warriors’ Circles Rituals, the presenters have a collective 40+ years of martial arts experience—covering Kendo, boxing, Muay Thai, grappling, etc. as well as numerous competition experiences. They hope to draw on their background to animate a positive exploration of the Warrior Spirit.

Beginners’ Warrior Circle

Serendipity—sometimes things just happen; this Ritual will explore how to deal with some of Life’s tougher challenges. The Beginners’ Warrior Circle welcomes adults (16+)—Female, Male, or Other—who wish to discover their warrior spirit, take their first steps on the Path of the Warrior, and have some fun with boffer weapons. Join us in discovering and seizing the wisdom that Chance Struggles can offer. Please bring boffer weapons if you have them.

Advanced Warrior Circle

Serendipity—sometimes “things” just happen; this Ritual will explore how to deal with some of Life’s tougher challenges. The Advanced Warrior Circle welcomes those adults (16+)—Female, Male, or Other—who wish to continue to explore and build their warrior spirit. Preparation and bonding should always be done with kindred spirits before going to battle. Matches within the Circle of Honour will follow a general discussion and conclude the Ritual. Please bring boffer weapons if you have them.


Fenix has been a practicing witch for the last 20+ years. She does describe her craft as ecclectic. She is also a psychic medium/empath since ..well as far as she can remember. Eager to share, learn, discuss and always in for hugs.

Intuitive Readings: Exercising the Third Eye Muscle

We will be flexing our third eye muscles and sharpening our intuitive reading. Keeping it light, fun and pressure free!! Bring your favorite object (that can be held in the palm of your hand) and come join me for a fun and interesting time.

Linda Demissy

Linda honors Frigga's Handmaidens and grows medicinal plants.

Herbal Hospital

This year we focus on the six types of diseases and diagnostics from a Western Herbalism perspective, before looking at the types of herbs that can help. Rivery Gut? That’s diarrhea - get an air plant. Airy Gut? That’s constipation - get some river plants. Almost as easy as Pokemon...

Brigid's Balm

Certified Thanadoula /Death Doula / Life Cycle Celebrant and Home Funeral Guide. Mother of three, was a birthing coach for three other women but it was when I shared time with the dying that I realized my calling. Graduated the Contemplative End of Life Care Programme from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in 2015, continue learning/working in the field. Volunteer hospice worker with Beth Donovan Hospice in Kemptville. Member of the Disability Advisory Council with Dying With Dignity Canada.

What is a Thanadoula/Death Doula?

I will speak on the work I do as a Thanadoula, and the challenges I've faced - differences in religious/spiritual practices within the family, LGBTQ issues in aging or within the family, and the importance of ritual, advanced care planning. Always open to answering questions to the best of my ability!

Ron Lyen

Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Serendipity is the “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way” and in many ways best represents Kaleidoscope Gathering (KG). KG often brings together people in search of community with the community in search of good people. As such, what better way to celebrate this year’s theme than our annual Wine and Cheese event that helps to bring the folk together to meet new people, catch up with old friends. Bring a cup and your favourite wine and/or cheese. Age 19+


We are the Joshes, 2of7 founders of a charity beard club called The Bearded Nomads. We are easy going, fun-loving guys that just like to have fun and help others along the way.

13 Ravens Beard Competition
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Flaunt your fur in this first-ever KG beard competition. There will be four categories for long beards, short beards, mustaches, and weird beards and wacky 'staches (fakes). Real beards and 'staches will be judged on length, girth, smell, style and shine. Artificial fuzz judged on realism, creativity, colour, shock-value and serendipity-ness. $5 entry fee, all proceeds to local charity or the Knoll community garden.