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Returning for the second year on staff as a medic, I'm a Medical First Responder and Mental Health First Aider. I like to help as best as I can, as a person with a physical disability much of that help is in the form of mental and emotional support.

Guided Imagery

A guided imagery session to help relax the mind and awaken the senses.


Yves is a devout Heathen who follows the path of Loki. Yves is a retired member of the Canadian Forces who now works as an Addictions Counsellor in Renfrew County. Yves is always looking for a good conversation on any topic and enjoys having spirited debates with friends and soon to be friends. Never be afraid to approach him and ask a question, he may seem gruff and hard on the outside but he is a giant teddy bear / softie on the inside.

Effective Communications

What is communication and how do we effectively use it? Come to this workshop to learn some ways to communicate with other people in a positive, respectful, non-judgmental and inclusive way. This workshop focuses on skill sets that can be quickly learned and applied to one's daily living, and that follow best practice guidelines.

Melissa Keindel

An Ottawa-based baker, avid reader, historian and kitchen witch, Melissa is normally found trying to offer people food on Bogside or in the YAG.

Books, Tea and Talk

There are few things in life as pleasurable as a good book and a cup of tea. Readers unite for an opportunity to bring your gently loved rehomable books to this book swap. Bring up to three books you want to rehome and share them with fellow book lovers. We will share tea, light snacks, and talk about our favorite books. Dice will be provided if multiple people want the same book. Some ideas for what to bring include fiction, history books, graphic novels, or anything else you like to read.


I am one of the Dead Stags and a solitary heathen. I've been around for a few years now and I love to share knowledge.

The Stag King Revealed

You've been wondering what goes on in the Stag King trial? You want a little bit more info before joining the competition? This a chance to find out from some past Stag Kings who will answer most of your questions. You're welcome to come and learn even if you don't plan to participate in the event.

The Squirrel

Come and send a message to the gods via Ratatosk.


Psykhe: secret agent by day, defending our nation from shadowy threats with numbers & her mind. By night: a thoughtful, engaging polyamorous gal who marshals her degree in cognitive science, keen logic, practised empathy, and years of experience with poly's ups, downs, and in-betweens, to act as a poly ambassador and co-founder of Polywood.

Polyamory 101

Finding love can be a matter of Serendipity. Now imagine it happening multiple times and not having to choose between them - aka Polyamory. How does it work? How is it not just cheating? What's a “Triad”? Don't you ever get jealous? How can you build solid, healthy relationships that work? Join us to explore answers to these questions and more in this introduction for those new to poly and those curious about what polyamory is and isn't.

Storyteller Adam

Storyteller Adam is an experienced storyteller/DM with several years of storytelling and game-running under his belt. Most recently, Adam stepped down from several years running Kingston By Night, a Vampire Live Action Roleplay in Kingston, Ontario. He has helped with the children's LARP at Kaleidoscope every year he's attended, and last year thought: "Why should the kids have all the fun?"

Nordic Style LARP in North America/Raven's Knoll By Night "Session 0"

This workshop will introduce Live Action Role Play gaming, the Vampire: The Masquerade environment, and discuss the concept of Nordic style play and how it differs from typical North American LARP-ing. Also included, the best part of any Live Action Role Play... character creation! This will be for the actual LARP event to be held later during Fest.

Raven's Knoll By Night - a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP

Be what goes *bump* in the night!

Vampires have descended upon Raven's Knoll! While traveling to Montreal, several Sabbat Kindred has become stuck at Raven's Knoll, caught between the Camarilla strongholds of Toronto and Ottawa. They must get to Montreal or risk Final Death from the Camarilla surrounding them. How will they deal with this dire setback?
Attendees must have also attended the Workshop "Nordic Style LARP in North America/Raven's Knoll By Night"


I am an empathic medium who teaches a variety of mindfulness techniques and exercises. A local hailing from Pembroke, Ontario, I have been teaching, guiding and helping facilitate the process of healing for several years.

Morning Meditation

Starting the day with stillness - developing a morning meditation practice - can be a life-altering experience in the most positive way. Bring your pillow, yoga mat or chair and join me for an hour-long guided morning meditation. Meditation helps you wake up on the bright side, enhances your awareness, and helps reduce stress and anxiety. There is no experience necessary. Simple bring yourself and an open mind.

Kitty & Kare

Kitty & Kare have been friends since the tender age of twelve, have been attending fests off and on since 2001, and are happy to contribute with the occasional event/workshop too.

Serendipitous Swap of Stuff
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

Swapping is definitely the new shopping! Drop off your no-longer-loved (but still in good condition) bells, sarongs, pendants, tarot cards, runes, horns, cloaks, books, etc... w/ Kitty at The Wimple beforehand. Items will be presented individually (like an auction, but FREE). If several people are interested in the same thing, we'll roll a couple of dice to settle any disputes.


Long time eclectic pagan, geek, and technomancer.

Techno Spirit Ritual

Come share the serendipity we find through technology. Bring your devices so that they may be blessed. Please make sure your phones are charged as we traditionally engage in techno-divination.


Amethyst is an eclectic, Celtic, Wiccany-type Pagan, who spends her time battling the demons of fibro and depression, also volunteering at a crisis line, snuggling cats, making stuff and plotting. She often perambulates on three wheels, runs on fruit and hugs, and never knows what to put in bios.

Unbirthday Party
Special Event ( Wine and Cheese, etc )

A very merry Unbirthday - to you! Have an unsatisfying birthday or just want more? Like celebrating other people's special days? Come on out and celebrate your - or someone else's - UNbirthday! Fun for all ages. Please feel free to bring snacks to share along with the cake. If you would like to participate in the leave-one-take-one gift exchange, please bring a gift with a value between $5-10, wrapped if possible.

Needle Felting

Needle felting is the art of sculpting creations out of unspun wool. Come out to this beginner-level workshop and make a lucky ladybug! Suitable for ages 10 and up - bear in mind needles are SHARP. Maximum 15 people, there will be a sign-up sheet at Registration. All materials are provided for a fee of $5.

Depression Support

For anyone who dances with the black dog, or their loved ones. Come and be in community with us, as we discuss, share and encourage each other. You are not alone! We'll talk strategies and share experiences. Please note: no actual requirement to talk if you prefer just to listen! This is peer support, not affiliated with any professional or program.