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From: Ottawa & National Research Council
Things I do: dance, swing dance, electronic & instrumentation design, dream, scurry about like a racoon
How to identify me: does not wear pants, dances, looks a bit like the picture which actually is me, giggles. Otherwise, looks a lot like a guy nearing retirement, but might actually be teen-age girl in disguise
KG role: TROLL!!!
Pronouns: your choice, be playful, surprise me, avoid "it".


My name is Yves Arseneau, many of you know me as Chock the Dead Run guy and all around busy Troll, I love to talk and help people out, if you have a question need something or want a hug, don't hesitate to ask..

Yagermistress/Yag Mom

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Hi My name is Christina (AKA Yag Mom, AKA Yagermistress, AKA Coffee Maiden).The moment I stepped on this land in 2009 I was part of the community. Started dedicating my time volunteering at the knoll in 2010. You will most likely find me buzzing around the Yag area. With a knack for organizing all the things, I tend to look for clutter and then attack it!
This community means the world to me and working the Yag enables me to see the joy in faces as the pass by, knowing that I contributed.
Pronouns She/Her


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I heard about KG 6 years ago through the grapevine and decided to give it a shot. I fell in love with the whole thing and now plan my summer around attending. This will be my second year as staff. If you're looking for me during fest, there's a chance you'll find me either in the back of the YAG, cooking some tasty food, bopping around RK in general or, if it's evening, around the fire at the main pit with a tasty adult beverage in hand. When it's not fest, I'm usually around for work weekends, making RK a better place, or getting it ready for one of the many festivals and events it hosts during the year. If you see me around and care to have a chat about food, cooking, cooking food or food cooking utensils, I'd be more than happy to oblige. I also am able to supply unlimited hugs, free of charge to anyone.


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My First KG was back in the day when I had a full head of hair, and the event was a much more “mini” affair 🙂 These days I can be found wandering around the knoll at dawn’o clock and am know as Morning Monkey, part of KG’s flying monkeys. I’m also a father of a mini monkey and can also be seen chasing after her 🙂

So if you’re an early bird please wave me down to say “hi” as I love to company in the morning, or if you want to join my mini monkey and I for play date.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Lord Farro (The Josh’s)

I am Lord Joshua Ash Wright-Farro (yes I actually have a Lord status) aka 1/2 The Josh’s aka Josh Prime aka Ash aka Lord Farro aka Josh aka Hun?!?!? I am one of the Yagermeister Cooks. Married just over a year (sorry ladies!) to My beautiful Heather. Together we have a Hoard of beautiful girls we have/are raising. I am also one of the firemongers and love to play with fire in my spare time. During my muggle time I’m in the Fire Alarm and life safety industry. Oh can’t for get I’m equally a Star Wars/Trek fan lol!


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Matriarch of Lodestar Hearth, I am a dedicated Gythia to the Heathen traditions. Having performed numerous rituals on the land of Raven's Knoll, I have also organized and hosted Well & Tree Gathering for the past decade. Providing for, and facilitating, spiritual experiences for the folk is a privilege...while working within my own realm of self-evolution.

At Kaleidoscope Gathering, you'll find me welcoming you home, at Registration, and as a Pet Medic to your floofs (or flooflesses).

In my free time, you'll find me drinking copious amounts of coffee, rescuing guinea pigs, looking up at the Cosmos, and playing with dragons.


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Kadri runs on caffeine, dinosaurs, science and cuss words. She helps at Raven’s Knoll as MA’s Mini-Me and RK’s pet medic. She is currently finishing a degree in biology & neuroscience, and would love to chat with you about nerdy stuff in her down time. In the Muggle world, she teaches fun facts about animals to small humans. If you can’t find her on site, she’s probably off looking for turtles crossing the roads. If you happen to spot the elusive inflatable T-Rex on the grounds, it’s also probably her. Pronouns: she/her.

coco loco

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Howdy! I'm an eclectic DIY pagan and kitchen witch which is probably why I ended up working in the YAG.


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GingerBear, AKA DieHard or Jon McLean in the common tongue.
Returning for the second year on staff as a medic: I recently completed Medical First Responder (Feb 2019) HAZMAT (Mar 2019) Level 1 Reiki (2019). Have been a Military First Aid instructor since 2011, completed Mental Health First Aid 2018 as well as ASIST, ADR/RCE, Alcohol Gambling and Other Drugs (for Supervisors) and a whole lot more. Now that I’ve been “retired” from the RCN my next course will be Community Services Worker followed by pursuit of a degree in Art Therapy (maybe, or clinical psych).
I still consider myself a novice, Hail and Horn 2019 will be my first actual event within the Pagan community as a participant (I don’t consider working fest as being there). Even though I’m considered the go-to guy for all the “Norse Pagan stuff” by Padres/CoC/and members within the CAF… for this I have had to lean on Auz a bit for clarification. I’m just happy to finally have found a home after wandering for so long.
My boasts are small, I just help the community when and where I can. I’ve helped the folk move, have gifted and scrounged furniture, TVs, etc. Have pulled folk from car accidents and provided aid. I’ve gifted money to disabled people to cover fees in government offices. Each year I host a Yule feast which allows those that can’t or won’t go home for a number of reasons to have a warm and safe place filled with friends and “family” during a historically difficult time of year. I Brew Mead and Cook, I also Hunt with Spear, Bow, and Rifle.


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My first KG was 2011. I fell in love with the community on day two. The people inspired me to create PrimalForged-For The Primal In You/Pagan Spirit Wear. To thank my community i created Primordial Fire which is an evening event held each year the night before KG.
I have been given many wonderful opportunities over the years, which begins with helping assist vendors as Vendor Coordinator as well as joining our Security Team as a Flying Monkey.
I am a Fire Fighters wife to TomyHawK. A mother of two young men and a lover of nature and all fur babies. Your likely to find me in the Marketplace or up at The Forge.