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coco loco

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Howdy! I'm an eclectic DIY pagan and kitchen witch which is probably why I ended up working in the YAG.


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GingerBear, AKA DieHard or Jon McLean in the common tongue.
Returning for the second year on staff as a medic: I recently completed Medical First Responder (Feb 2019) HAZMAT (Mar 2019) Level 1 Reiki (2019). Have been a Military First Aid instructor since 2011, completed Mental Health First Aid 2018 as well as ASIST, ADR/RCE, Alcohol Gambling and Other Drugs (for Supervisors) and a whole lot more. Now that I’ve been “retired” from the RCN my next course will be Community Services Worker followed by pursuit of a degree in Art Therapy (maybe, or clinical psych).
I still consider myself a novice, Hail and Horn 2019 will be my first actual event within the Pagan community as a participant (I don’t consider working fest as being there). Even though I’m considered the go-to guy for all the “Norse Pagan stuff” by Padres/CoC/and members within the CAF… for this I have had to lean on Auz a bit for clarification. I’m just happy to finally have found a home after wandering for so long.
My boasts are small, I just help the community when and where I can. I’ve helped the folk move, have gifted and scrounged furniture, TVs, etc. Have pulled folk from car accidents and provided aid. I’ve gifted money to disabled people to cover fees in government offices. Each year I host a Yule feast which allows those that can’t or won’t go home for a number of reasons to have a warm and safe place filled with friends and “family” during a historically difficult time of year. I Brew Mead and Cook, I also Hunt with Spear, Bow, and Rifle.


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My first KG was 2011. I fell in love with the community on day two. The people inspired me to create PrimalForged-For The Primal In You/Pagan Spirit Wear. To thank my community i created Primordial Fire which is an evening event held each year the night before KG.
I have been given many wonderful opportunities over the years, which begins with helping assist vendors as Vendor Coordinator as well as joining our Security Team as a Flying Monkey.
I am a Fire Fighters wife to TomyHawK. A mother of two young men and a lover of nature and all fur babies. Your likely to find me in the Marketplace or up at The Forge.