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Welcome to our site! In our effort to make things easier in the future you will need a full registration to the site. Information gathered on the form is not provided to anyone outside of our site and is intended to pre-populate forms used to register for camping. The extra information requested is required to register for camping, so by filling it out once and saving it the next time you login you can simply fill out the rest of the camping registration form. ** All fields must be filled out, if nothing else please enter nil or na or not applicable NO FIELDS CAN BE DUPLICATED, thanks **

The Form requires all fields to be filled out. If you do not have what is asked for please enter N/A, Thank You I/we understand that I am/are here as a guest/guests of Raven’s Knoll Ltd. at the Raven’s Knoll Special Events Campground at 10441 Hwy. 60, Eganville, Ontario. I/we agree to take all precautions to protect my health and safety during my/our stay. I/we acknowledge that swimming is to be done at my /our own risk, as there is not a lifeguard. I/we further agree that I/we will not take legal action against Raven’s Knoll Ltd., and/or the directors and/or their successors, for any harm that may occur to me/we or my/our property for any reason and in addition to resulting from theft, natural disaster, or acts of the Gods. I/we have read and understand the rules and will adhere to them during my/our stay. Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al and its owners, shareholders, partners, agents, representatives and employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage, irrespective of origin, to person or to property, whether directly or indirectly caused by performance or non-performance of obligations of Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al for any reason or by negligent acts or omissions of Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al its agents or employees. I/we hereby waive and release any rights of recovery against Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al and its owners, shareholders, partners, agents, representatives and employees that it may have at law or in equity.

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